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Realisation project

List of documentation

  • Technical drawing of space planning solution of interior- Designed solution including wall finishes, scale 1:50
  • Technical drawing of demolition works- Drawing of elements to be demolished or dismantled
  • Technical drawing of new structues- Drawing of new partitions that will be realized
  • Technical drawing of ceilings- Drawing of plasterboard ceilings and all elements found in the ceilings, such as direct and indirect lighting, Sound systems, etc., scale 1:50
  • Technical drawing of flooring- Floor laying plan with optimal size distribution as well as an effort to minimize the amount of maretial waste, floor specifications, scale 1:50
  • Technical drawing of electrical installations- drawing of all electrical outlets, plugs, data points, etc., scale 1:50
  • Technical drowing of lighting- Drawing of light circuits and lighting control, window shadings, scale 1:50
  • Technical drawing of tiling and paving- Laying plans (bathroom, toilets), Specification of materials, effort to minimize the amount of waste material, selection of sanity ware, faucets, drawing water valves, waste and outlets.
  • Design manual- specification of selected furniture, description of interior colour solutions, selection of accessories and deorations.
  • Technical drawing of details- each drawing also contains details in scale 1:2,1:5,1:10.


projekt rodinneho domu